Teachers & Glassblowers

Incorporating the techniques of master designers and glassblowers from around the world, Kitengela Hot Glass’s artisans have developed their own uniquely Kenyan style of working.

“Whether the teachers are from Italy, America, the Czech Republic or the Netherlands, it’s really a collaboration,” explains Anselm. “They learn from us how to operate in very basic and difficult conditions, while we pick up tricks and tips from them.”

Glass masters who’ve come to demonstrate their art at Kitengela Hot Glass include:
Willem Heesen 
Mikko Merikallio 
Anthony Schafermeyer 
Killian Schurman
Marek Bartko 
Emil Kovac
William G. Bell 
Bernard Heesen 
Josja Schepman
Jan Sostek

Constantin Fruzente 
Honza Vyskocil

And designers:
Arnout Visser
Simon Barteling
Tums Yeshim

Science, art and engineering combine in the hands of our glassblowers, creating uniqueness. Our common goal at Kitengela Hot Glass is to transform recycled material into objects and designs that have a future, address a need and fulfil a function or desire.