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Murals & Funky Fencing

Murals are one of the signatures of Kitengela Hot Glass. A flat sculpture of mixed-media extravaganza. Attached pieces of pre-blown or casted glass, different painting techniques, inlays, wood and metal and lighting make for a riot of brightness, colour and texture.

At Nairobi Safari Park, 70,000 reflective handmade elements produce an explosion of beauty. Titled 'deconstructed disco ball' (it is the exterior of the discotheque), it is the largest mosaic in Kenya.

At Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge, Anselm and his team created an elaborate and definitive mural, utilizing nearly every technique at their disposal. Imagine a forest made of glass cane (rods of glass that are pencil thickness); a mirror of mosaic rain; a gunia or gunnysack style of paint finish that makes the glass elements stand out, filling the gaps; individual beading to pepper the wall with; and casted discs to establish patterns around larger pieces of glass.

“That commission all added up to coherence for the piece,” Anselm divulges. “And it was fun, like being in a big paint box. The mural was originally supposed to be one wall but it lifted everything else up, so we extended it right up to the entrance of the hotel. It was a very comprehensive treatment.”

Funky fencing is a technique unique to Kitengela Hot Glass. A kind of appropriate technology Tiffany style treatment. Whether the rendered objects are for indoor or outdoor use, Kitengela Hot Glass has an entire metal works section for making molds, framing for Dalle de Verre designs, the armature or skeleton for chandeliers, as well as garden gates, ballustrades and pergolas.

Blown elements like plates, flowers or leaves, casted details and recycled bits of metal can be incorporated which give a lovely sort of filigree or spots of colour to objects that require a porous grille-like effect.

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