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Murals are one of the signatures of Kitengela Hot Glass.

A flat sculpture of mixed-media extravaganza.

Attached pieces of blown & casted glass, different painting techniques, inlays, wood and metal and lighting make for a riot of brightness, colour and texture.


At Nairobi Safari Park, 70,000 reflective handmade elements produce an explosion of beauty. Titled 'deconstructed disco ball' (it is the exterior of the discotheque), it is the largest mosaic in Kenya.

At Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge, Anselm and his team created an elaborate and definitive mural, utilizing nearly every technique at their disposal. Imagine a forest made of glass cane (pencil thick rods of glass), a mirror of mosaic rain, individual beading peppering the wall & casted discs establishing patterns around larger pieces of glass.