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Our Community

Despite being a small company, Anselm's studios assist as much as possible with the local and wider communities - admittedly in a slightly ad hoc fashion, and the causes are things we believe in - spreading the love a little.

Recently 'giving' has consisted of:

2022 - 268,000/- to

Community road repair
Friends of Nairobi National Park
The Wildlife Foundation/Naretuni Conservancy cycling sponsorship
Dumont for training centre
Raptor Rehabilitation Trust
Friends of Arabuko Sokokwe Forest
Lifesong Kenya

2021 - 231,000/- to

Community road repair
Team Tsavo
Lifesong Kenya
Ngare Ndare Forest Trust

2020 - 110,000/- to

Dakacha Nature Reserve
World Land Trust
Lifesong Kenya
The Rhino Charge Raffle Committee
Ngare Ndare Forest Trust

2019 - 308,160/- to 

House of Plenty

Karura Forest

Virunga Fallen Rangers Fund

Earth Protectors Trust Fund

2018 - 53,500/- to

for Stephen Lesian (lion lights) & 

2017 - 183,500/- to

tuition for Dalmas & Mercy at Elima School,
the Spanish Speaking Association, 

One Bead

Colobus Conservation

Virunga Fallen Rangers Fund

2016 - 419,900/- to

Homeless of Nairobi

One Bead
Virunga Fallen Rangers Fund
VW Anonymous Club for orphans at Teule
Sirkon 2016 Charity Race & Fun Run
Rhino Charge Raffle Committee

Tushinde Children’s Trust

Garissa University Memorial Garden
tree planting for Oloosirkon Secondary School
Ngare Ndare Forest Trust

Walk with Rangers Tana Delta anti-poaching team

10to4 Bike Challenge for the Mount Kenya Trust


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