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Recycling - the circular economy

Not because it’s fashionable,
but because it’s a necessary no-brainer.

Kitengela Hot Glass recycles and transforms scrap material into objects & designs
that have a future, address a need and fulfil a function or desire. 

Here is a beautiful pile of enormous potential - by repurposing this circular material we can make anything from a drinking glass to a dazzling light.

Collected from suppliers to the building industry, melting 450kg of old glass a day,
we have converted over 2500 tonnes (2,500,000 kilos)
of scrap window and bottle glass into useful and decorative items over the years.

This translates to over 410 tons of CO2 saved so far. (1 ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every 6 tons of recycled glass used)

The process of recycling scrap glass is augmented
by melting it & annealing the objects made
using old engine oil as a fuel - we burn about 200 litres of used oil per day. 

Packaging with used newspaper & second hand boxes
- all these reusing factors contribute to the cause.

Anselm despises waste.

This ethos translates into the company and there are multiple reuses on many levels throughout the studios. 

Even finished glass objects can be repurposed to a different function - a vase may become a candleshield or a lamp base, for example.

Having a good working relationship with the environment is critical to the Kitengela Hot Glass ethos. We regard nature as the treasure that it is, and are of the opinion that an inspirational & nurturing environment contributes to our product wellbeing.

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