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Shipping policy

As far as possible we will attempt to get you the best service provider to get your items to you in one piece in the cheapest, fastest way, although the two are generally mutually exclusive.

We have shipped things all over the world, and our usual experience is that the best way to do it is to custom pack your order, and get it to one of our shipping partners to provide a quote. 

The volume and weight of a selection of handmade items can be hard to predict accurately with an algorithm.

We often use DHL, who are a premium insured courier service, aand charge accordingly, although we have the benefit of a corporate partnership with them, which savings we pass on to our clients.

The Post Office is an option, although they take 3-5 weeks, and don't provide insurance.

Other options include FedEx, Aramex, Fargo, G4S & direct airfreight (either door to door or to the nearest customs port). We also have partners who can do containers for sea freight.

From time to time items break in transit, and while we will be generally happy to replace these for free we will not be able to re-ship at our expense, nor we will we be able to refund the money spent on the objects or the shipping. If you have selected the DHL insured option, then we will be happy to assist and facilitate the claims process in any way we can.

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