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Experience Rates


1. Blowing bubbles (on request)
3 min standing up, blow a giant bubble – photo op. 500/-

2. Touching fire (two hours notice)
15 min at a bench, papering & shaping a paperweight 2,500/-

3. Blown to life (one weeks notice)
30 min, making a glass start to finish 5,000/-

4. Catching light (one weeks notice)
60 min, two objects, some colour.
Can be shared with up to two other people. 10,000/-

Glass blowing (except for #1) includes a working bench with an expert teacher, shared glory hole, annealing space & any molten glass used.
All objects (except for #1) made by client can be taken after 3pm the next afternoon or delivered to our shops at the Junction or Village two days after that.
Colours, special techniques, molds & larger pieces requiring more assistants or unusually large amounts of glass are all extra.
All fees to be paid in full, and in cash in advance. It is tough, dirty work, but deeply real and satisfying.

Other Disciplines
5. Bead making includes an expert teacher, the bead furnace, annealing space & colour. All beads made by student can be taken the next afternoon or delivered to our shop at the Junction. 60 min. 3,200/-
6. Dalle de verre Includes sand, cement & consumables (glue, paper, plastic). Metal for frame & glass blocks extra @ studio cost. 60 min. 3,200/-