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Experience notes



Welcome to your once in a lifetime glassblowing experience. 

An expert will hold your hand every step of the way, so you will be closely guided.

Here’s a few pointers and tips that might help. 

Wear old comfortable cotton clothing. Nylon and hot glass are not buddies. A long sleeve shirt will add a bit of extra protection. The studio is messy, so be ready to get your hands dirty. Wear closed comfortable shoes. Trainers are fine. 

We will provide you with a sanitized mouthpiece. Pls make sure to give it back when your experience is over. We will also provide you with gloves and an arm protector. 

Always hold the pipe above the trainer’s hand - they will show you where. Check the heat of anything (eg tools/rails/pipes)- by putting your hand near it (not touching) before grabbing it. 

The one hour experience (‘Catching Light’) can be shared by up to 3 people in 20 minute slots. Obviously the pieces won’t be as complex (will end up being about 1 object each).

Your pieces will come out of the cooling (annealing) oven late the next day after your experience. We can then send it to one of our shops a day or two after that (not on weekends). There is always a chance of pieces breaking during the annealing process - this is one of the risks of disappointment in being a glass maker. 

For ‘blowing bubbles’ the result is rather ethereal and usually won’t survive for longer than five minutes, so this one really is about the experience only, and of course those instagramable moments. 

Despite this being one of the most tasking skills on the planet you will get a real feel of the exhilaration of being a glassblower - the rockstars of the craft world.