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Pioneers of Kenyan Glassblowing - open during Covid19 Pioneers of Kenyan Glassblowing - open during Covid19


Not because it’s fashionable, but because it’s a necessary no-brainer.

Kitengela Hot Glass recycles and transforms scrap material into objects & designs that have a future, address a need and fulfil a function or desire. 

Here is a sad heap of glass waiting to be repurposed.

Collected from suppliers to the building industry, we have converted over 2000 tonnes (2,000,000 kilos) of scrap window and bottle glass into objects over the years.

Recycling scrap glass, melting & annealing (gradual cooling) using old engine oil as a fuel and packaging with used newspaper & second hand boxes all contribute to the cause.

Anselm despises waste, and has been known to frustrate his wife (who says he has 'hoarder disorder') by wearing clothes till they are ragged. This ethos translates into the company and there are endless reuses on many levels throughout the studios. 

Even finished glass objects can be repurposed to a different function - a vase may become a candleshield or a lamp base, for example.

Having a good working relationship with the environment is critical to the Kitengela Hot Glass ethos. They regard nature as a treasure, and are of the opinion that the inspirational & nurturing environment contributes to the product wellbeing.